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The experienced team at Eastwest Physiotherapy use hands on myotherapy and massage to restore movement and release pain.  We love helping to solve our client’s postural problems, fix pain and put our clients on a path to better physical health.

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Gavin Johnston

Gavin Johnston

Principal Physiotherapist

Gavin has spent the last 20 years searching for a clinical model that supports his patient’s postural system. Now termed the neuro-myofascial web, it’s a highly plastic system which is continually adapting and remodeling.
Gav has studied with pain scientists, physiotherapists, dentists, osteopaths, chiropractors, myofascial specialists, podiatrists and acupuncturists and has created a uniquely holistic clinical environment at eastwest.
Following a long term interest in structural bodywork, Gav completed 500 hours training in KMI Structural Integration.

Hours: Mon & Wed 7.30am – 5pm, Tues & Thurs 7.30am – 6pm
Online bookings are not available for Gav – please call the clinic on 9817 1781 to make an appointment with Gav

Crawford Quinn

Crawford Quinn


Crawford completed his Physiotherapy degree at Glasgow University in 2011. Since then he has worked as a sports physiotherapist at several professional Soccer clubs, including the Rangers Football Club in Scotland.
He has a strong interest in biomechanics and the alignment of the body through both soft tissue and manipulative therapy. Crawford has extensive musculoskeletal experience and is particularly good at getting patients back to full function after injury or surgery.
His role at eastwest is to provide challenging small group postural conditioning classes, all aspects of manual and movement therapies, custom made orthotics and foot alignment.

Hours: Mon & Thurs: 7am to 7pm, Wed 8.30am to 3pm and Fri: 7am to 4pm

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Aaron Austin

Aaron Austin

Physiotherapist & Exercise Scientist

Aaron completed his Master of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney in 2016. Prior to this Aaron completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science (Honours) specializing in Bio-mechanics at Charles Sturt University.  He is an Accredited Exercise Scientist and Level 1 CrossFit Instructor.

He has more than 10 years experience in creating exercise programs and conducting movement screenings and brings his background in bio-mechanics research to help address pain, restore full movement and rehabilitate injuries.   Aaron’s special areas of interest are strength and conditioning, injury prevention, sport bio-mechanics and the application of physical therapy to optimise performance.

Aaron runs small group strength and conditioning classes at Eastwest and is able to develop exercise programs based on your specific needs to help you achieve your health or performance goals.

Hours: Mon & Tues 7am to 5pm, Thurs & Fri: 7am to 3pm; Sat 7am to 12pm
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Neville Dunne

Neville Dunne

Bodywork and Massage Therapist

Neville has been a practising Bodywork Therapist since 2001. Over this time, he has gained many years of experience and honed his skills and expertise as a Structural Bodywork Therapist. His curiosity of the human anatomy has set him on a journey to help his clients reach their unique structural pattern.
Neville has a unique style in facilitating his clients in helping them to improve movement, flexibility and balance. Through this structural approach to pain management he can assist in unlocking those chronic pain patterns and restoring structural integrity. This allows the client to feel poised, confident and at ease in the body.

Hours: Tues: 7am to 4pm, Thurs: 9.30am to 3pm & Fri: 7am to 10am
To make an online booking with Neville, please select here – BOOK ONLINE

Ingrid Shaw

Ingrid Shaw

Pilates & Gyrtonic trainer

Ingrid has been working in the Pilates industry since 1990 and holds a Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy. She is also a certified GYROTONIC® trainer as well as a Yamuna foot fitness practitioner. Ingrid is registered with the APMA – Australian Pilates Method Association and has served on the council as a member and Vice President as well as running the National Continuing Education for the Association for almost 10 years. Ingrid has pre and post natal teacher certification from “The Centre for Women’s Fitness” USA and is the inaugural recipient of the Centre’s “Womens Health” certification.
Ingrid has an extensive background in dance having danced professionally in a ballet company in Europe for many years.
She enjoys helping people rehabilitate from injury and to regain their healthy, pain free and able body.

To book a session, please call Ingrid on 0414 943 953


Why do we have different levels of Physiotherapy? 

At Eastwest Physiotherapy our pricing structure reflects the APA’s guidelines and it allows us to recognise our team’s level of expertise.  All our team are trained and mentored twice a week by the Principal Physiotherapist Gavin Johnston, and our fees reflect the practitioners level of experience and training.

I’m not sure who I should book an appointment with.

If you have read through our team’s bios and you are still unsure who to book your appointment with, please call us on 9817 1781 and we’ll discuss which practitioner would be best suited for you.  All our staff aim to give you exceptional service at all times.


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